Insider’s bras

No more skin marks caused by wires in your bra. We designed the perfect bras - Flex and Brief - with minimalist design and technological fabrics for any occasion.They are elegant, timeless underwear made to provide comfort without compromising on appearance.


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They are made with a double layer of ultra light and soft fabric that absorbs sweat from the inside layer and evaporates it through the other layer. They also feature odor control technology made possible by containing the growth of odor-causing bacteria in the fabric.

The Flex Wire-Free bra is versatile and is available on three options of straps and a v-neck. Combine it with any outfit for a seamless look with incredible comfort. 

The Comfy Wire-Free Bra is well-structured and extra comfortable. It features wide straps and well-structured sides that provide extra safety without tightening or marking the skin.

Technological bras


Like all of Insider’s products, our technological bras are made of high-quality sustainable fabric. They feature polyamide and modal, both biodegradable and antibacterial fibers that can be up to 75% more efficient than cotton on containing bacterial growth.

Our minimalist design brings versatility and elegance to the garments, making them timeless, long-lasting itens.

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