Anti odor panties

Insider’s panties and made with technological fabric to bring you comfort and confidence. They feature anti odor action, since the fabric they are made of reduce the growth of odor-causing bacteria. They are ultra light, soft and highly breathable, avoiding the unpleasant moisty sensation. 

Our briefs and made of polyamide with elastane and are lined with a modal layer. They adapt perfectly to the body without tightening and the built-in seams they feature avoid marks and rashes in the skin. All of that is designed to provide freedom of movement for any activity.

Get to know our hipsters

The Brief Hipsters are our traditional bikini model - a long-time bestseller. The Safe Hipsters are our tech reinterpretation of the hot pant model and it is designed for those who prefer a high coverage underwear.

They both feature ultra light and soft fabric that absorbs inner moisture and drives it away. Besides, it helps in odor control, since it is 75% more efficient on combating bacterial growth than cotton. 

Functional underwear 


Besides our hipsters, we also designed highly functional and technological bras. They are wire-free and feature all the benefits from technological fabric that our panties do. They are designed to go with any outfit and occasion - the perfect asset for a busy woman.

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